(Designed by Dr. K.V.Ramana Rao, Former Reader in Botany)


  • Flag with number 25:the Silver Jubilee Year of Indian Independence as a mark of which the college got its name.

  • The Thinker:Intellectual Activity

  • The Sun:Source of Light and Knowledge

  • The Lotus:Blossoming of Knowledge

  • The Achiever:Action and Achievement of the Goal

  • The Wave and the Black Sea:Sea of Darkness from which the flower, the thinker and the achiever emerge as a result of light

  • The Opened Book:Student seeking knowledge through education

  • The Kalasham (Holy Pot):Mark of festivity and the Symbol of Andhra Pradesh

  • Logo:“JignasatoSatyaDarshanam”

    (Discovering the Truth through inquisitive learning)