Institutional Distinctiveness

Institutional Distinctiveness


Distinctive Character

Reflection in Vision /Mission statements


Statewide college

Promoting harmony among the three regions of the state


Residential system

Maintaining hostel legacy


Addressing needs of society

Designing the curriculum based on the needs of the society


Qualitative student progression

Improvising student support services for healthy student progression


Value orientation

Molding students with value system through Foundation Courses


Autonomous college

Designing the curriculum based on the needs of the students and society


College with Potential for Excellence

Providing state of the art learning ambience with enrichment of infrastructure and learning resources


Clear Vision for future

March towards National importance



Institutional Distinctiveness

The Vision and Mission statements define the College’s distinctive characteristics in terms of addressing the needs of the society, the students it seeks to serve, College’s traditions and value orientations, vision for the future etc.


Maintaining hostel legacy:

The effective institution – hostel interface resulted in the evolution of, the Hostel Legacy, the driving force for the maintenance of institution’s uniqueness in commendable student progression every year. The details of the hostel legacy are provided here.

Participation of students in hostel administration, conduct of block-wise quizzes, cultural inheritance and guidance by the seniors form the hostel legacy.

  • Students in Hostel Administration
  • 13 Block leaders maintain general discipline of the hostel inmates
  • 2 Mess Secretaries take care of the quantity and quality of commodities
  • 10 Mess Observers from each block in rotation (weekly) supervise the issue of stores, cooking process and serving of food
  • Block-wise Quizzes
  • Each block maintains the reading material in the form of dailies and prominent periodicals
  • Each block maintains wall-magazine entitled Creative Corner providing the information on General Awareness collected from different resources
  • Quizzes are conducted block-wise on every Saturday night and at hostel level for every quarter
  • Annual quiz is conducted in connection with Hostel Day and the prizes constituted by them are presented to the winners
  • Cultural Inheritance
  • Cultural Secretary identifies the latent talents of the students in consultation with the proctors
  • Students practice cultural activities at Cultural Centre in the hostel which is equipped with the musical instruments (Electric key board, drums, Rhythm pad, Tabalas etc.) that are purchased under UGC-CPE scheme
  • Cultural shows are organized in the hostel on Fresher’s, Hostel & Farewell days
  • All the students collectively celebrate the festivals of all religions. This practice inculcates the sense of unity and oneness among the students.
  • Cultural heritage of the three regions is transmitted from one batch to the other as a chain process owing to harmonious living in the hostel for three years.
  • Guidance by Seniors
  • The seniors offer personal, academic and career guidance to the juniors and take care of their health problems as brothers. The alumni who are in elite positions, visit the hostel regularly and conducts Interactive sessions to share the experience on career planning, Career Opportunities and also offer guidance on Entrepreneurship and Guidance on UPSC & APPSC Exams.


Thus the hostel legacy resulted in the all-round development of the students and also commendable progression is observed ranging from 70-80% increase in securing PG seats in reputed Central and state Universities naturally and effortlessly.