Department of Economics


 Social Sciences is the king of all sciences, Economics is the Queen of Social Sciences


I. Vision &Mission :

  • The vision of the department is to raise its research and teaching programmes to the highest standard thereby enhancing the reputation of the University and the nation.
  • The vision envisages developing uniqueness for its course through unbiased approach to ideologies and realms of knowledge at the same time attaining versatility in application of skills and tools to issues and problems in economics recognizing the contribution of other disciplines.

II. Objective :

  •  The mission of the department of economics to achieve excellence in economics through teaching, research and service.
  • The department endeavours to realize this mission by imparting high quality academic erudition in economics that would cater to the requirements of professional careers and the pursuit of further knowledge creation through research and its delivery by service.
  • The mission of ensuring excellence in teaching economics is by integrating the most relevant areas and developments in the field of economics together with state of the art technical skills, still maintaining a holistic approach to the course.

 III. Courses Offered : B.A  ( History, Economics, Political Science)