College History

College History

Silver Jubilee Government College emerged on the glorious eve of Silver Jubilee Celebrations of Indian Independence in 1972. It is the brain-child of Sri P. V. Narasimha Rao, the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh then, who wanted to establish a state-wide institution to forge emotional integration of the people of the three regions of the state when its integration was threatened by the separatist movements. For this lofty ideal, he chose Sri M. V. Rajagopal, I.A.S., the visionary educationist and Principal Secretary of Higher Education of that time. Sri M. V. Rajagopal aimed at giving the best education to the best students irrespective of their financial status. His lofty dream of establishing an ideal academic institution on the model of Cambridge University took the shape of this college testfile.

Silver Jubilee Government College bloomed as the academic jasmine of Andhra Pradesh with its ascetic simplicity and vibrant fragrance.  It has proved itself to be the Philosopher’s Stone that has transformed many immature caterpillars into beautiful butterflies. The alumni have raised the reputation of their beloved alma mater with their academic excellence, professional competence and ethical elegance to the starry heights wherever they are.

Silver Jubilee Government College is a Unique State-level Residential Institution of Excellence, offering B. Sc., B. A. and B. Com. Courses with conventional and restructured combinations. Free board and lodging are provided to all the students irrespective of their social or economic status.

This Institution is distinct from the other degree colleges in the State more in its approach towards teaching-learning process than anything else. It has established good and intellectual traditions in imparting curricular as well as value-based education.

The institution has been achieving excellent results not only in terms of high percentage of passes in the university examinations but also in terms of the career positions occupied by its former students. Many of them have secured jobs as officers in All India Services, Armed Forces, banks and other commercial establishments, as faculty members of universities, colleges and research institutions and as various professionals in different fields. It not untrue to say that in any Post-Graduate Centre or University in the entire State, the largest single contingent will be from Silver Jubilee Government College.

Though belated, this college was conferred on autonomy by U.G.C. in 2005. Now in the revived backdrop, it has started functioning under autonomous status in its full strength from that academic year.
The teachers of our college are endowed with zeal, perseverance, future vision, fortitude and dedication. They experiment in teaching and involve the students in learning. They use not only conventional audio-visual aids but also computers in teaching various difficult topics.

Our college has been a hallmark for quality education all these decades. Recently it has achieved a vertical quantum leap with the introduction of a Post Graduate Courses in English, Telugu and Physics . Now it is poised to taking further progressive qualitative strides after attaining “A” Grade by NAAC in 2006,
The passionate appeal made by Late Sri M. V. Rajagopal, I.A.S., himself three decades ago is still relevant:

The Government of Andhra Pradesh has a special responsibility for this college and if only the historicabackground of this college and the aspirations of its founders are remembered by the Government. I have no doubt in my mind that the Silver Jubilee Government College at Kurnool will rise to a position of national importance which it was meant to be in the minds of its original founders.



    Dr. V V S Kumar