Career Guidance Cell

Career Guidance Cell



Career guidance at college level plays an important role in developing good career prospects. Career counseling is basically a process to understand yourself, job responsibilities, entrance exams, opportunities etc. It is a form of guidance to young students to take them on the right path towards the right career which is one of the most important phases of adulthood. Career guidance matched with hard work determination and perseverance can ensure a smooth path towards one's dreams. A good career guidance, not only directs you towards your dream, but also gives you an end to end support in all the steps involved in it.

A dedicated Career Guidance Cell is established to guide the students to prospective careers. This cell is to collect the career options from the students, create Awareness and importance of higher studies 


  1. To help students share knowledge about themselves by identifying skills, and interests.
  2. To provide information about further course prerequisites, financial aid, academic planning, entrance examinations etc.
  3. To promote career guidance & counseling through lectures by senior corporate executives and visiting professors.
  4. To organize seminars on interview skills, personality development, communication skills, leadership skills, resume writing, analytical skills, quantitative ability, verbal and reasoning skills essential to all competitive exams.


  1. To provide available updated information about jobs /positions/opportunities.
  2. To conduct career development seminars and workshops To provide necessary literature /brochure/information.
  3. To mobilize resources for needy students to apply for jobs.
  4. To organize lectures on career development by subject experts.